Luis Guerrero - Digital Marketing Manager | MDEV Digital | London, Toronto, US

Luis Guerrero

Digital Marketing Manager

An award-winning digital marketer with a vast amount of experience ranging from sales to department director, Luis has developed a knack for making the digital space a little more human.

In 2014, Luis won the Google Online Marketing Challenge in the America’s division, placing top five overall globally, which jump-started his career in internet and social media marketing.

His experience working with companies and major social media influencers from all parts of the world allows him to bring unique and refreshing ideas to the marketing table. Luis is a naturally passionate person with a love for music, dance, and sports.

  • Point of Origin: Guatemala
  • Favorite Quote: He who says he can and he who says he can't are both usually right. – Confucius
  • Bag of Tricks: Salsa & Bachata Instructor / Speaks Fluent Sarcasm
Luis Guerrero