Dorian Hall - Front-end Developer | MDEV Digital | London, Toronto, US

Dorian Hall

Front-End Developer

With monk-like patience, Dorian excels at delving into complex existing codebases to develop robust front end code. He’s a badass glutton for punishment and we’ve yet to hear him grumble.

Dorian has a deep knowledge on working with WordPress and is constantly pushing himself to learn more about customizing plugins and templates to create unqiue, user-friendly sites.

In his off time, you’ll find Dorian challenging himself with an unforgiving action role-playing game or burying himself in an apocalptic novel.

  • Point of Origin: London, ON
  • Favorite Quote: Humanity is a discontinuous series of free men irreparably isolated by their subjectivity.
  • Bag of Tricks: Green Tea Aficionado / Curry Tasting Champion
Dorian Hall